After many requests from the Right Reverend Monsignor McNulty, Parish Priest of Wittebome, to open a Junior School in the new and fast growing township at the southern end of Plumstead, the Reverend Mother Calherne, then Vicar, at length consented, and building operations began in 1955 on the plot between Stella and Lympleigh Roads.

It was decided that, from the start, only Catholic pupils should be admitted, so in 1956 Santa Sabina Convent School started with 24 pupils – boys and girls. The following year four times this number was enrolled and numbers steadily increased year by year until, in 1964, there is was a roster of 194 pupils from Kindergarten to Standard V. From this point, the pupils transfer to Catholic high schools.

It soon became obvious that more ground would be needed for playing fields so, on the advice of two of our interested parents, 20 adjoining plots of land were purchased immediately at a cost of R7 500 before being snapped up by builders.

This has ensured that the school would not be too closely encroached upon by buildings in the residential area. As this piece of land was divided from the original plots by a strip of ground earmarked for a road, application was made to the Municipality to have it incorporated in our property. This was done at a cost of R1 000. All too soon we were forced to make use of part of this extra property for the erection of a large hall seating about 350, which by means of partitions, was utilised for four additional classrooms.


From the beginning, the enthusiasm of the parents in organising fund-raising events, as well as giving of their own practical services, has relieved the Sisters of many anxieties in the equipment and general upkeep of the school. Four fêtes, several “Bring and Buy” sales, a school concert, etc., all well supported by the parents, have raised enough to purchase, inter alia, a new Minibus; to level the ground and construct the netball-cum-tennis court and to buy curtains for the hall, classrooms and library.

Altogether an admirable spirit of co-operation among the parents, staff and pupils has existed from the beginning. Visitors to the school constantly remark on the happy atmosphere which prevails.

The greatest day of the year, however, is not the fête day, but that on which the parents accompany their small children to the Altar on the day of their First Communion. Since 1957, many children have experienced this most wonderful day of their lives.

The standard of the school compares favourably with that of any other as is shown in occasional exhibitions of work, displays and so on.

A gratifying feature of the school is the large number of children of past Dominican pupils that are enrolled each year, so that the Dominican tradition is maintained and upheld from generation to generation.

IN JANUARY 1971 St. Anne’s Primary was re-sited from Convent Road, Wynberg, to Santa Sabina, Plumstead. The official name of the school then became St. Anne’s Convent Primary, with seven (7) classes operating under one Principal.

IN JANUARY 1978 St. Michael’s Convent Primary, Rondebosch, was transferred to St. Anne’s premises in Plumstead. The Senior Primary, Standards II – V, retained the name St. Michael’s Convent Primary and functioned under its previous Principal, while St. Anne’s carried pupils from Sub A to Std. 1 with its Principal.

This arrangement was in operation for the next four (4) years.

When the Senior Principal retired in December 1981, the whole school reverted to its title, ST. ANNE’S PRIMARY SCHOOL, under one Principal, which continues to this day