Code of Conduct

In our Christian spirit and tradition, we at St Anne’s form a caring, sharing community. We must:

Show respect for people, property and environment.
Everyone has a right to be treated with respect, to have his/her own
property and to learn in a clean school.

  • Talk politely and truthfully.
    Use good language, be honest in all you say and speak at the correct time.
  • Aim to play safe and stay healthy.
    Ensure safety in all activities and care for your health – correct food and exercise.
  • Nurture each member of St Anne’s.
    Learners have a right to learn and teachers have a right to teach.
  • Name uniform and property for security.
    Have the correct school uniform and ensure that it is clearly marked.
  • Excel in learning, sport, and school activities.
    Get involved enthusiastically and achieve.
  • Start on time, keep in line and meet all deadlines.
    Be punctual, follow instructions indoors and out and complete
    homework daily.


~ Stand out in the community as a St Anne’s achiever. ~